Zambia: Sata Suspends Foreign Minister

| January 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

Foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda has been suspended from conducting official duties and will not be part of the delegation to the forthcoming African Union Summit pending his imminent expulsion on Sunday.

But State House spokesperson George Chellah has claimed that Lubinda is on annual leave and another minister is acting in his capacity.

Lubinda is facing disciplinary charges of treachery and disloyalty for allegedly leaking confidential information to online media, the Daily Nation and opposition UPND.

However, the accusations levelled against Lubinda are as a result of a deep rooted power struggle instigated by secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

Kabimba, according to PF sources, is fighting anyone who is viewed as a potential threat to take over the party leadership from President Michael Sata who may not contest the 2016 elections on account of medical recommendation.

Chellah has confirmed that Lubinda is facing serious charges against the party and only proceeded on leave on December 21, 2012.

The State House spokesperson also said Lubinda will not travel of the AU Summit in Ethiopia. Lubinda’s fate will be decided by the PF Central Committee on Sunday.

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