Uganda: Three Killed in DR Congo Border Shooting

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Three people were killed when gunfire rocked Lhubiriha market in the Democratic Republic of Congo along the border with Uganda Wednesday morning.

The gunfire caused panic among the people living along the common border on both sides mistaking the incident for an attack in the area.

Security sources on the Ugandan side of the border confirmed the incident but said the gunfire did not spill over into Uganda.

“It is true there has been shooting this morning along the border in DRC. We are told that Congolese bodaboda riders were demonstrating against the death of their colleague who is said to have been shot dead the previous night by unknown gunmen,” security sources who asked not to be named said.

The sources said security personnel in the DRC had to fire for almost three hours to calm down the demonstrators.

“But our intelligence is on the ground to find out what could have happened since it may affect the security of our people along the border especially those who are engaged in border trade,” the source said.

An eyewitness from Kasindi market in the DRC who did not also want to be named, said two other people were shot dead in the scuffle between the Congolese security personnel and the demonstrators.

However, the UPDF 2nd division spokesperson Lt. Ninsiima Rwemijuma said, “But people should not panic. It was not a rebel attack at all.”

Ninsiima lashed out at the local politicians whom he said spread rumours that the shooting was a rebel attack causing panic among the Ugandans living along the common border.

On hearing the shooting, many Ugandan civilians along the border begun gathering some of their property wanting to flee from their homes but the Police and the army cooled them down.

The Isango LC3 chairperson Wilson Agaba said life on the Ugandan side yesterday had by 10.00a.m returned to normal.

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