Uganda: Mystery Into Chameleone Intruder’s Death Deepens

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Police at Kajansi has opened a fresh file into the mystery death of an intruder at singer Jose Chameleone’s home following reports by residents that they saw the man being tortured and set ablaze.

Robert Karamagi died at Mulago national referral hospital of severe burns that he sustained at Chameleone’s home on Boxing Day.

Kajansi police boss Ibrahim Saiga said they are gathering fresh leads into the death of Karamagi following reports that some residents saw him being tortured by members of Chameleone’s crew before they set him ablaze having doused him in petrol.

A police team led by the Katwe CID boss Jackson Tumwine on Sunday went back to Chameleone’s home to gather more information on the mystery case, but did not find the celebrity couple.

Daniella however later showed up at police with her lawyer and gave further insight into the events that transpired at her home that morning.

In her statement Daniella said Karamagi had told her someone called Sengendo of Entebbe had sent him to pour acid on her. This was after Daniella saw a stranger in her sitting room carrying Chameleone’s laptop and her purse as she prepared breakfast for her children in the kitchen.

She said the house had been left open since it was already morning when Chameleone came in after a hectic festive season schedule.

She said she confronted the man and asked him to leave the house. As she followed him outside he threatened her that he had acid in a jerrycan and would pour it on her. She then called Kinene, a worker at the home to help her.

When Kinene tried to confront the man, he tried to pour the contents of the jerrycan he was holding but instead spilled on him. When he attempted to light a fire it instead engulfed him, according to Daniella’s statement.

In her earlier statement however, Daniella had told the Police she had called Chameleone who was sleeping in the bedroom for help when she found Karamagi in the sitting room.

Detective Tumwine yesterday asked Daniella to provide them with closed circuit TV recordings of that day but she said it did not store recordings but could only relay happening events in real time.

Karamagi’s sister speaks out

A sister to Karamagi also claimed that her brother had been burnt alive by Chameleone’s crew members. She particularly claimed that a crew member called J.B Mukwano who was his personal friend had looked on as his friends tortured him.

She however said Benzene could have been used to burn Karamagi because had it been petrol he would have turned black.

Meanwhile Chameleone’s manager Sam Mukasa has said his boss who is on tour in Juba is saddened by the reports that are linking his family to the death of Karamagi. He said this has negatively impacted on his public relations with his fans. He said he would respond to the accusations once he is back.

This followed claims by Karamagi’s father that members of Chameleone’s crew had bundled up his son before dousing him in petrol and torching him.

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