Uche Jombo says illegal film upload is a sin against God and filmmakers

| March 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

In an Instagram post, Uche Jombo narrated to fans how one of her films, ‘Damage,’ was illegally uploaded.

The filmmaker went ahead to explain how she challenged the individuals behind the upload and was labeled an impostor.

Had an interesting chat with some people who uploaded my film DAMAGE illegally on their site, the sense of entitlement to that ‘you never make money reach feeling to calling me an imposter on their little WhatsApp group…got me thinking of how we can ALL do better this 2019…’ she wrote.

Jombo further noted that the film industry is heavily taxed yet, illegal uploads and pirates reap from practitioners’ works.

Uche Jombo recently released a movie, ‘Heaven on my mind’ in conjunction with Ini Edo.

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