They Wanted to Sack Keshi, Amanze Tells President Jonathan

| February 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

Former Vice President of Nigeria Football Association Amanze Uchegbulan has sent some words to President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Many of those commending Stephen Keshi yesterday for Nigeria’s victory against Ivory Coast had concluded plans to sack him.”

Super Eagles Head Coach, Stephen Keshi with Home Based Super Eagles at a News Conference at the Eagles’ Camp in Abuja

Amanze was referring to the sports minister Bolaji Abudullahi who pressed hard on the football federation to disengage Keshi on the grounds that he was not good enough to manage the Eagles.

At a time, they were even considering sacking Keshi in South Africa. Later, they wanted to sack two of Keshi’s assistant coaches.

“Look at the game the Eagles played today. Great game. Great game. I told them that Keshi is building a team and that he was on the right track.

But the minister wanted him out and the federation bought his plan. I wish the Presidency could have somebody who understands sports and who will help in advising them on the right way to run sports. Many of the people congratulating Keshi now including the minister wanted to sack him.

They have concluded that he would go after the Nations Cup. But look at the game Nigeria played under Keshi today.

Superb game. Please, let them leave them to continue the good work that they are doing. It takes time to build a solid team and Keshi and his colleagues are doing the right thing.”

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