The Chat With Nollywood Director Moses Eskor

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Moses Eskor I

Moses Eskor I

That name rings a bell, I guess. When it comes to Movie production in Akwa Ibom, Moses Eskor is a household name. Recently! We caught up with him and held him to a few minutes of chat at a popular celebrity hangout here in Uyo. Moses revealed shocking facts about himself and we know you’d learn a thing or two from this interview. Do you like good movies? Do you appreciate good talents? Or, do you want to start a career in acting, here’s what it takes to breakthrough!





















Akpan Ekwong was a true-life story. It was history. Something that actually happened! Those, days, there used to be this craze about witchcrafts. That is one thing I thank the present administration for, because the craze about witchcraft and the fear of the unknown has been greatly reduced.

I was in a restaurant one day and I saw a fight. One woman accused a fellow customer who came in and drop a seed of groundnut on her table of transferring witchcraft to her through the groundnut seed! So, there was scuffle and I had to trace the Akpan Ekwong story and that’s how I got into it.



Nollywood is unique because despite the Nigerian economy, despite so many things we don’t have, we do not manufacture the machines, we don’t even have a good market to import most of the cameras and equipment but we invent to produce these movies.

I once worked with a white man in Calabar, and I used one camera to shoot and the man looked at me for a very longtime and said ‘Moses, so this is what you go through’ and I said ‘yes’. You know, these are guys that shoot with a minimum of 3 cameras and sophisticated equipment.








Akwa Ibom movies industry is Nollywood. There is no difference. It is Nollywood! The Yoruba movie industry is Nollywood. The Hausa movie industry is Nollywood. The Ghana movie industry is Nollywood.

Every movie made in Sub-Saharan Africa is Nollywood because Nigeria started it. The Chinese movie industry is Hollywood. The Japan movie industry is Hollywood. Britain is Hollywood.

Canada is Hollywood even Jamaica is Hollywood. Akwa Ibom movie Industry is Nollywood. Do you understand me now? There’s nothing like Akwa Ibom Nollywood or whatever we want to called ourselves, Ikot Ekpene Movie Association; Uyo Movie Association all those things, all fall under Nollywood.

We use the Nollywood market to sell the movies. Nollywood artistes to act; Nollywood equipment for the shots and of course, most of the equipment are brought in from Lagos, and they are all Nollywood.



The challenges we have nationally, it’s just like the International side, you come down to the national side, then you go down to the micro side where you have low budget, the market and low budget. Why the low budget? Initially we used N1.5m/N2m to do a movie, you take it to a marketer and the marketer will prince N2m/N3m but these days, you find out that a marketer will get that movie from you an doesn’t even think of paying you that much.












I have a good relationship with my colleagues in the industry. Desmond, I’m the 1st man that brought him here. He has been about two times to work. The other day, I saw you the other with Evelyn Esin, yes, my finger is in her career.

By God’s grace, she met me when God was taking her up and then God in one way or the other used me to push her there. All of us know about Ime Bishop which God has blessed and a whole lot of them except those like Moses Armstrong who has come in to meet me here. God has really used me.

I keep saying that I’m like a pencil in God’s hands. When you’re just positioned there and people meet you and from you, they graduate… do you understand? That’s how I look at it. A whole lot of them, the igbos, Benita Nzeribe has been a friend over the years and the late Ashley, Elebeli Elebuwa, Justus Esiri, Pete Edochie, they’re all people I’ve brought down here to work with, Olu Jacobs and the rest.




















The truth is, if you are very good, you will get a role! A girl worked into movie auditions one day…the girl that is playing Asari, I’ve never met her from Adam but she succeeded in that audition to the admiration of the whole crowd and she got the role!

Never till today, have I known anything about her or asked her out! Several of them like that have made it! Claims of sexual harassment in this industry are made by people who didn’t get there.






























Money! Money! Story, which is the script. As the producer, you need a good director who will come and sort out the story. That’s why I said the director is almost taking all the blames. You can have a good script, just like a song, you have a song, you enjoy the song, but people around don’t like the song.







He first work with me on Bandit Girls shot in Calabar – it’s now playing on DSTV in his memory. When he landed, at first, you know when you bring a veteran, sometimes; you don’t know how his working relationship is. He was one emotional man, very emotional! A little thing can make him frown and cry..he is that very emotional and he’s an adviser. He is one man that will call you and advise you, and he is a prompt man. Enebeli will tell you, ‘I will leave on Sunday’ and if you’re not done by Sunday, he may leave you.

Even when he is choked up and he’s attached to that job, he could be very considerate! I had an experience with him while working together on a movie called Merchant Empire in Eket.

Those are the two jobs I did with the man, Bandit Girls and merchant Empire. Enebeli was a good man, a calm father who loves advising young people. The 1st man I lost that touched my heart was Ashley Nwosu. Incidentally, those 2 films I’ve mentioned, Ashley was involved. I give God the glory for their lives. I think God knows why.










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