Tee Mac dubs PMAN election in Port Harcourt illegal

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FORMER president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) and leader of the body’s Peace Committee, Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli has declared illegal, an alleged national election of the body conducted in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The renowned flutist, in a press released issues on behalf of the Peace Committee, informed that on January 11, an affidavit of urgency was filed with the Federal High court in Lagos, with an injunction to Ras Murphy, Kenny George, Ital Bonny, Perry Omas and Olusegunalade not to hold an illegal PMAN election, which was scheduled for Wednesday January 30, 2013, in Port Harcourt.

“They also were given a date (January 28) to appear at the Federal High Court Ikoyi. They did not appear and I went with about 10 members of the Peace Committee to Zone 2 to put in a complaint to the AIG.”

According to Tee Mac, the Commissioner in Port Harcourt later gave the peace committee members police men to arrest the conveners and move them to the Port Harcourt police Headquarters.

“As I’m writing this note, Kenny George and Omas Perry have been taken to the Police. Ras Murphy has escaped. This should be a warning to any fraction that the PMAN registered members do not want any more kangaroo elections.”

For the flutist, any election not done by an interim Government will be cancelled.

“Also, the lease agreement of the National PMAN headquarters on 18 Adegbola Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja, which is in my name (I paid the rent since 2002), was rendered as evidence that Ras Murphy is an illegal occupant, who took over the house, when Dele Abiodun resigned as fractional leader due to his arrest last year for fraud. Dele Abiodun is on bail since his release from the Ikoyi Prison.”

He continued: “A peace committee is handling the affairs with the backing of Tee Mac and an interim Government will soon be announced. The interim Government will plane for credible elections with registered and paid up PMAN members.”

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