Tanzania:’No Leads’ Yet on Mo Dewji

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Photo: The Citizen

The family of Africa’s youngest billionaire, Mohamed Dewji, who was abducted last Thursday, says it has not received any useful information that can guarantee his safe return.

Mo was kidnapped exactly a week ago at the Colosseum hotel at around 5 am where he had gone for regular exercises.

Police say the kidnappers were two white men who used a Toyota Surf vehicle.

They entered the hotel minutes before Mo arrived and snatched him from inside the hotel, fired into the air and then disappeared.

Initially, his family gave no word on the incident, but cooperated with investigators in search of the tycoon. They finally publicly broke their silence four days later and offered a Sh1 billion reward for information leading to his rescue. The offer became more relevant after the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander, Lazaro Mambosasa told the Dutch Welle radio that there were signs the kidnapping was for ransom.

The family spokesperson, AzzimDewji, told The Citizen yesterday that no one had so far volunteered information to help trace the business man. “We haven’t received any information so far,” he told The Citizen in a telephone interview, without giving further details.

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He said the family was passing through a difficult time and that he would consult other family members for the possibility of holding another press briefing on the matter next week.

But the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Robert Boaz said police had made good progress in the hunt of the businessmen and that the public should pray for Mr Dewji’s safe return.

“We are progressing well with the investigations,” he said, declining to establish whether the family had suggested the involvement of forensic investigators.

He declined to comment further on the investigation because he was not the official spokerperson over the issue.

“Normally, much of the information on an investigation of this nature is not for public consumption. In any case you can consult Lazaro Mambosasa (Dar Special Zone Police Commander), who is the official spokersperson over the issue,” Mr Boaz noted.

On Tuesday, Home Affairs shadow minister Godbless Lema (Chadema) said there was need to involve forensic investigations, something that was strongly opposed by Home Affairs deputy minister Hamad YusuphMasauni.

But in what could be easily translated as supporting the police, Mo’s father, Mr Gulamabbas Dewji, said the family was confident with police’s investigation. “Security authorities are doing a good job,” he told The Citizen in a telephone interview.

Kigoma Urban MP lawmaker Zitto Kabwe said forensic investigators involvement was to unfold important issues surrounding the incident as proposed by Mr Lema.

He said Mr Lema’s proposal should be taken seriously. “The probe involving Mr Mo’s abduction should be intensive to clear a picture that people can be abducted and nothing would be done.

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