Sudan: Rebels Accuse Govt Forces of Rape, Killing

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Bau — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) is accusing the Sudanese popular defense forces of raping 10 women and killing nine of them in Bau locality, Blue Nile, Radio Dabanga has learned.

Arnu Ngutulu Lodi, the movement’s spokesman, said the victim who survived the attack was injured and admitted to the Damazin hospital. According to him, 22 members of the popular defense forces carried out the assaults on Friday, 21 December at 3pm.

Amir Ibrahim Ali was the commander, acting under the direct guidance of Ismail Kura, Lodi pointed out. He claimed that the assaulters were instructed to flee by their leader to avoid prosecution.

However, information suggests that the suspects are hiding in an area between Alnaurania and Morik, Lodi reported.

Local residents are allegedly “horrified” and fear that the popular forces may carry out other attacks, as they are “free and protected by the National Congress Party”.

In addition, the suspects are acting under the supervision of the appointed governor Major General Alhadi Bushra, residents completed.

The spokesman noted that all 10 women came from the Angasana tribe. Their names are: Malies Kaklo, Amina Telian, Somia Telian, Maam Jamaaie, Yabet Jamli, Anger Hamid, Hawa Hamid, Giena Jakin, Nayiela Sabit, and Halima Omar, who is in the hospital.


At the same time, Lodi claimed that the Sudan Air Forces bombed the villages of Umm Serdiba and Alnugra in South Kordofan on Sunday, 23 December.

He affirmed that 12 bombs were dropped and all of them landed on farms.

On the next day, at 6pm, the village of Kumo in Hieban locality was reportedly hit by six bombs, Radio Dabanga was informed.

According to Lodi, farms and bush in the area were caught on fire and local residents are living in “terror and fear”.

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