Sudan: Fierce Clashes Erupt in Darfur

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El Fasher — A fierce battle that killed tens of combatants has started on Sunday in Central Darfur in West Jebel Marra between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF) of Abdel Wahid.

The SRF claimed on Monday it had captured the major SAF base in a central town Golo, leaving the government with only two strongholds in the Jebel Marra, being Derbat and Rokero. But on Monday inhabitants witnessed severe bombings by the SAF and large troop movements from the government in the direction of Golo, Radio Dabanga reports.

According to the SRF the SAF lost over 90 people, while the SRF had suffered at least 7 dead casualties and 10 wounded combatants. The SAF did not yet confirm the attack, but according to the SRF-spokesman Mustapha Tambur, the SRF-faction of Abdel Wahid destroyed the entire base and captured 15 pick up trucks and weapons. Some pick-ups are equipped with mounted Dushka guns, a type of heavy machine gun. Tambur said it captured four SAF-army men and provided their names to Radio Dabanga.

People in the area told Radio Dabanga that during the Monday many SAF forces moved on the road to Zalingei in the direction of Golo. They saw Antonov airplanes circling the area and heard at least 8 rounds of bombardments.

Mustapha Tambur told Radio Dabanga that in the nearby market village in the Wissi Mountains, gunmen killed two citizens, two women were raped and the gunmen started looting the village. When the troops of SRF-Abdel Wahid moved to the market place, they started to chase the gunmen. The gunmen escaped to a base of the Central Police Forces (Abu Tira) in the village of Tur on the road from Nyala to Zalingei near Niertete.

The SRF attacked the base claiming that at least seven soldiers were killed where after the government forces have fled the area. The SRF acknowledged that three of its soldiers were killed during the fighting. The road from Nyala to Zalingei is a crucial transport road towards West Darfur en its capita El Geneina. But eye witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the road is not blocked, buses are still moving with passengers and many government troops are moving along the road towards Golo.

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