Sudan: Bashir Urges Arms Holders to Enter in Negotiations

| January 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has urged all arms holders nationwide to resort to the voice of reason and enter in negotiations to find a comprehensive settlement to serve Sudan’s best interest.

“We call on all arms holders to return to the homeland. We ask them to come so that we can agree on how to rule Sudan,” Bashir said while addressing a rally during the inauguration of Al-Roseires Dam heightening project.

“The challenge facing us is to unite the internal front. Our country is wide enough for all and therefore there is no need for carrying arms,” he added.

He noted that he wants all the people of Sudan, including the rebels, to be involved in drafting the country’s permanent constitution. “We have invited everybody to participate with their viewpoints. We will not exclude any person,” he added. Bashir voiced his country’s readiness to establish good relations with all Sudan’s neighboring countries.

“We have excellent relations with most of Sudan’s neighbors. We are seriously working to improve our ties with South Sudan. We reiterate our readiness to establish constructive and good neighborliness with our brothers in the south, so that our joint borders would be a gate for mutual benefit,” he stressed.


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