Sudan: ‘16.000’ New Tribal Clashes’ Displaced Arriving in North Darfur Towns

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North Darfur — A total of 16.000 new displaced persons are currently arriving in two North Darfur towns, Kabkabiya and Saraf Omra, because of “harassment and threats” carried out by Abbala militias, a source told Radio Dabanga.

Kabkabiya has recently received six thousand people coming from the town of Garra Az Zawia, located northeast of the city.

The displaced, traveling on donkeys and by foot, claim to have left Garra Az Zawia because of the critical humanitarian situation in the town and due to the “constant harassments and threats” by Abbala militias they must endure.

However, they asserted that upon arriving in Kabkabiya, the city’s authorities did not receive them well.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a source urged humanitarian organizations to save the lives of the displaced, who he claims are now suffering for two reasons. The first is because they lost everything when the tribal clashes erupted and the second is because they are not receiving any support in Kabkabiya.

Garra Az Zawia had reportedly received most of the people fleeing their homes when the tribal clashes between Abbala and Beni Hussein firstly erupted on 5 January in Jebel ‘Amer.

10.000 displaced

The town of Saraf Omra has received 10.000 new displaced persons reportedly arriving from East Birka Saira, Jebel Djoh and from the west of Al-Sref Beni Hussein in the past two days.

All of the new displaced belong to the minority Arab tribes of Mussa Ba’ad, Mahadi and Hutiya, a displaced told Radio Dabanga.

He stressed the reason they went to Saraf Omra is to escape harassments and threats by Abbala militias, who want them gone to use their lands for grazing camels.

The displaced are currently living on the streets and squares in Saraf Omra, the source said.

On a related event, a humanitarian aid manager told Radio Dabanga his agency finished counting the amount of displaced living in Saraf Omra city. According to him, they amount to 25.000 people.

The organization handed a list with all the names to the Red Cross on Tuesday, but it does not include the 10.000 new arrivals.

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