Somalia: Judges Release Alleged Killer of Aid Workers

| January 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

Mogadishu — Corrupt judges have let, a man who previously killed two foreign aid workers in Mogadishu, off the hook after taking bribes, according to chief of Somali high court, Aydid Ilka hanaf who has given an exclusive interview to Shabelle media network.

The two aid workers were with the aid group of MSF and they were Philippe Havet, 53, a Belgian and Andrias Karel Keiluhu, 44 an Indonesian and they were shot dead inside the aid group’s compound in December 2011 by a lone guman who was reported to be a former local staff.

Mr. Ilka Hanaf told that three judges, who were working at the high court, released the suspected murderer after they had bribes but he said that the three judges have now been sacked from their pots with the Somali judiciary system.

Chief Ilka hanaf told that it is deplorable that MSF has seized its vital aid operations in many areas of the country, stressing that the aid agency was carrying life-saving aid missions in Somalia.

MSF is one of the longest serving aid groups in Somalia and a lot of the Somali public admire and appreciate how the group was enduring to serve and save Somali people, primarily war wounded civilians in the most difficult situations.

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