Solomon Islands braces for more severe weather

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February 28, 2013 13:29:10

Solomon Islanders are being warned to take precautions in preparation for possible flooding today with more bad weather forecast for the weekend and the week ahead.

Director of Solomon Islands Meteorological Service David Hiriasia said that there is a very active monsoon trough which is active across the whole of the Solomon Islands.

“This active monsoon trough is linked to a weak low pressure system just south west of Rennell so there is a possibility of heavy rain across most of the islands which is why the flood advisory has been issued,” he said.

Because of a second low pressure system in the Coral Sea the forecast is for the Solomons to experience heavy rains for the whole week.

Mr Hiriasia is warning people not to underestimate the floods and not to cross rivers if they are flooded.

“There’s possibilities for flash flooding,” he said.

Cyclone threat

The flood advisory has been issued to the earthquake and tsunami affected areas in Temotu province, because there is a risk that a cyclone may develop as the new low pressure system moves eastwards towards Vanuatu.

“We share the border with Vanuatu, and if it develops into a cyclone within the Vanuatu area then the Temotu province will definitely be affected and will slow down the recovery efforts,” Mr Hiriasia said.

Heavy rain has been affecting most of the provinces and islands for the past 72 hours.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service issued a warning at 7am this morning local time and says there are moderate to high risks of flooding.

Some areas may be affected by major inundation.

The larger islands are the most likely to be affected, especially Guadalcanal, Malaita, Makira, Isabel and the New Gerogia Group.

Between 100 and 150mm of rain has fallen over the past 24 hours with Auki recording 130mm.

People living close to rivers and low lying areas are warned that the flooding may pose a danger to lives and properties and should take appropriate precautionary measures.


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