Sites You Can Legally Download Your Favourite Nigerian Movies

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Streaming companies are always looking to make their services more convenient for users by adding new features every day. The download features, for instance, are useful for several offline purposes whenever streaming Nigerian movies isn’t possible.

You don’t have to download Nigerian movies illegally or put your devices at risk. There are ways to download on Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube Red that are legal.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime enables Nigerian movies and series download for phones and tablets only. To download movies on Prime, you need the Amazon Prime for Android installed on your device.

Once the app is installed, the rest should be easy. Search and select the Nigerian movie that you want to download. You will find the process easy when you click on the details page of a movie.

Nigerian movies downloadNigerian movies download
You can not download Nigerian movies from Amazon Prime to your computer

There are limitations that come with downloading on Amazon Prime – like all content on Amazon Prime is not available for download. There is also no legal method for downloading Amazon Prime videos to computers.

Netflix is also convenient to download Nigerian movies

Netflix has improved its features a lot over the year and today, downloading is completely legal. If you do not already have the Netflix app on your Android or iOS, then you should.

This is because you will not be able to download Nigerian movies without the app. One little tip for downloading on Netflix is that you can choose your download quality. Once you have done that, then select the download icon next to the movie title.

Nigerian Movies DownloadNigerian Movies Download
You will not be able to download Nigerian movies without the Netflix app

Like Amazon, there are restrictions and policies that come with Netflix download. Certain titles on Netflix are not downloadable and it is mostly Netflix originals that are available for download. So far it is only one Nigerian movie ‘Lionheart‘ that is a Netflix original.


Most videos on YouTube don’t have download buttons, and this makes download sometimes impossible. There are several options for downloading movies on YouTube like the use of special services.

However, the best option will be to subscribe to YouTube Red or Premium. This service will cost you some money, but it is the only way to download YouTube videos to iOS or Android devices. The system also doesn’t allow you to save videos to your computer.

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