Rwanda: The Time for Short Term Solutions Is Over

| January 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

The old ghosts of the so-called Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda militia (FDLR) seem to have gone nowhere after all.

It has emerged that the FDLR terrorists have, once again, boosted the ranks of the DRC government army in the latter’s war against M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

After some time in near oblivion, it is not pure coincidence that FDLR launched an incursion in northern and western Rwanda when the Congolese army were tussling it out with M23 over control of Goma.

FDLR’s resurgence, and possible alliance with Congolese troops, will only negatively spice the conflict that could be disastrous to regional peace. Unruly and dangerous armed militia should not be branded pariahs and allies the next.

The ongoing talks in Kampala between M23 and Kinshasa could be the only solution to avert another catastrophe in the region after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

And, on the agenda of the talks should be the issue of FDLR – largely blamed for the same genocide.

Kinshasa should also come out openly and shed light to their alleged alliance with militias who have terrorised its population for nearly two decades. That is the least it can do for its people.

This region needs to work towards sustainable peace rather than resort to seeking myopic short-term solutions that might boomerang to haunt it.

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