Rwanda: RPF Anniversary

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) Inkotanyi.

Like the mythical phoenix that rose from the ashes, this country clawed its way up from the abyss to set an example of what resilience can achieve. The Genocide of a million people did not put it down, but rather spurred it on to build a more united and equitable society.

Many liberation struggles reneged on their founding principles and fizzled into fledgling kleptocracies, but RPF has shown that not every size fits all.

Its members’ – especially its leaders – doctrine of putting country first, unlike in the past when individual interests were the norm, has helped shine the path to prosperity. Despite having conquered this country by force of arms, it took the path of peace.

RPF opted for power sharing when it had legitimate reasons and moral authority to go it alone, but it didn’t. Though it championed consensus in decision making, it slowly became obvious that it was the engine that drove this country forward because of approaching issues pragmatically.

Its years of struggle taught it one very important lesson; the strongest defence is attack. It serves no purpose to flee in the face of adversity, but by taking the bull by the horns, it gave it an idea of its strength and weaknesses.

From then onwards, relying on innovative ideas and a basketful of dignity, it was full steam ahead.

This anniversary should serve as a moment of reflection as well as recommitting to consolidating the achievements hitherto made.

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