Rwanda: Recall Drivers? Licenses Wrongfully Given Out

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December 22, 2012



AS you would expect, anyone aspiring to drive a vehicle must first go through a driving school. In East Africa, Rwanda is renowned for its sturdy driving laws in which aspiring drivers are taken though rigorous tests.

However, reports that corruption has reared its ugly head in some of our driving schools are nerve-racking. This portends a tacky situation in that it is a contributory to more road accidents.

The unearthing of graft in driving schools is especially more vital as we head to the holiday season when road accidents are a common occurrence. This calls for recalling of licenses that were erroneously given out.

Generally, most accidents on our highways can be prevented if drivers, police, driving schools and the authorities did their work well.

When one fails to do the right thing, it is the driver or passenger who presents their body as the sacrifice to somebody’s ineptness.

Police must ensure that appropriate training is undertaken before one can secure a driving license. The curriculum should be well set and the right timeframe followed. The quality of the instructors should also be standardised to ensure that only the best are in business.

The no-nonsense stance on our roads ought to be sacrament even in our driving schools.

In addition, there ought to be unrelenting public awareness campaigns, and making road safety a vital module of the curriculum for our driving schools. The exigency and the need for action lie in the fact that our country’s best resources are our people.

Any death caused by road accidents through heedlessness of a few inept driving schools owners means we are losing the very resources that we need to move Rwanda forward.

We need all concerned parties to start acting to put an end to anything that compromises our road standards that normally causes woe in many a family, and society as a whole.

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