Racist woman who attacked a policeman, a nurse and a patient is spared jail following A&E outburst

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  • Elizabeth Ward-Buck, 51, given suspended sentence over racist rant
  • Caught on camera screaming abuse at two foreign students in hospital
  • Then attacked a nurse and patient before trying to hit police officer

Hugo Gye and Mark Duell

06:33 EST, 21 February 2013


06:41 EST, 21 February 2013

A woman who launched a racist rant against two students in a hospital AE department wept in court yesterday as she was spared jail.

Elizabeth Ward-Buck attacked a nurse and a policeman after she was filmed abusing two young women in the waiting room at Ipswich Hospital.

She has now been handed a curfew and a suspended sentence and ordered to pay £265 over the violent incident.

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Elizabeth Ward-Buck

Gina Thompson

Attack: Elizabeth Ward-Buck, left, screamed racist abuse at student Gina Thompson, right, and her friend

MailOnline revealed earlier this month that Ward-Buck, 51, was caught on camera screaming racist abuse at Nigerian student Gina Thompson and her Spanish friend Barbara Iniesta.

She asked the women where they were from, then shouted: ‘You’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. We are paying taxes you a***holes and we are going down in this crisis.’

Staff nurse Marian Tolosa ran over to see what was happening, but Ward-Buck pushed her then attacked another patient.

The aggressive woman was taken to a side room by police, but she continued her rant and even tried to assault a police officer.

South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court heard that Ward-Buck had been drinking earlier in the day on February 2, and had apparently contemplated walking into the sea at Aldeburgh.

A friend of hers called an ambulance, and she was taken to the hospital where she had her run-in with the two students.



Video: The woman was filmed shouting abuse at two students at Ipswich Hospital earlier this month

‘It was a very unfortunate and
distressing night from everyone’s point of view,’ defending lawyer
Michael Stephenson told the court. ‘Mrs Ward-Buck is a good woman, she
has no criminal convictions.’

He said she had suffered a
‘breakdown’ that day, adding: ‘She was very upset, a build-up of
pressure, stress, a death in the family, the demands of a teenage
family, her work as a carer and the needs of her husband.

‘She felt terrible, she did not feel well.’

Judge Celia Dawson told the
defendant: ‘The nurse and police officer had come to defuse the
situation. They are entitled to go about their jobs without facing this
level of abuse.’

Ward-Buck pleaded guilty to two counts of racially aggravated common assault and one of assaulting a police officer, and was sentenced to three months in prison, suspended for a year, and subjected to a curfew from 9pm to 6am every night.

She was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the assault victims as well as £85 costs and £80 to the victims fund.



Rant: The woman shouted in front of about 20 shocked patients and friends or relatives at the hospital

Miss Thompson said last night that she did not hold a grudge against Ward-Buck despire being on the receiving end of her rant.

‘Nothing like that has ever happened to me before,’ she said, adding: ‘I thought the verdict was very fair.’

The 23-year-old student, who filmed
the incident on her phone and sent the footage to MailOnline, continued:
‘She held her hands up and she was very apologetic. I just wish her
well, I don’t hold any grudges.’

Miss Thompson, of Port Harcourt,
Nigeria, is a film and media student at University Campus Suffolk and
has been in the UK for two years, while 21-year-old Miss Iniesta arrived
from Seville last September.

The woman shouted in front of about 20
shocked patients and friends or relatives: ‘What has happened to this
f*****g country’, before directly abusing Miss Thompson who was sitting

She asked her ‘Where do you come from?’, to which Miss Thompson replied: ‘What does it matter where I’m from?’

The woman said: ‘We are paying taxes you a***holes and we are going down in this crisis’, before Miss Thompson replied: ‘Don’t call me an a***hole’.

But the woman said: ‘I will, because you’re coming over here and you’re pleading poverty. I am not well.’

Location: The two-minute clip was filmed on Saturday at the AE waiting room of Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk

Location: The two-minute clip was filmed at the AE waiting room of Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk

But Miss Thompson responded: ‘You won’t
call me an a***hole. I will not accept that. Don’t call me an a***hole.
Don’t come to my face and insult me. You won’t do that. Calling me an
a***hole? Are you alright?’

The woman said back: ‘Don’t accept it, you fat a***’, before a voice off camera said the police had been called.

woman was then apprehended by a group of nurses, paramedics and
security guards, saying: ‘There’s a revolution going on here.’

Thompson told MailOnline after the incident: ‘I was so embarrassed and I
couldn’t do anything because I was stuck in the situation, so we just
had to laugh about it. All the attention was on us.

‘She said I’ve come here to claim
poverty. That’s not true. I’m an international student and I pay £13,000
a year in tuition fees.’

‘It made me feel low of myself. I had to go back home and question why it was wrong I was here.’

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Poor lady, poor England – this is not going to end well.


Maidstone, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 13:06

Well, she’s got a point…


Glasgow, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 13:03

Well,she has a point of view,but didn’t really pick the best place or time to kick off.My next door neighbour brought his Mother over from Portugal for an op,its not right.
Not condoning her actions though.I guess one of the people she verbally abused was the giggling woman you can hear.Not funny for the others though I am sure.


21/2/2013 13:00

This will happen more and more often until someone in power actually does something about it!


Darlaston, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 12:59

Whist I do not condone what this woman did I have never understood why people from other countries don¿t need some form of medical insurance when they come to this country. If I go on holiday then I need to buy travel insurance why is it not the same for people coming into Great Britain.


Manchester, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 12:59

So are you telling us that people do not come here just to claim benefits and not seek work to support themselves and their families?


Clacton, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 12:58

There seems to be more of this happening and I can see it getting worse.


UK, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 12:58

Ward-Buck is just another drunken female that we see far too many of in the AE departments and should consider herself very lucky to have got off so lightly. Ipswich Hospital have hopefully explained to her that she is no longer welcome there after her behaviour.


Huddersfield, United Kingdom,
21/2/2013 12:56

Good people don’t behave in that way.


stourbridge, France,
21/2/2013 12:55

I share the same frustrations pay pay pay taxes and get nothing back and get treated like a third grade citizen, thats why Im looking to emmigrate this country stinks.


Dorset backwaters,
21/2/2013 12:54

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