Onigbinde, Chukwu, Uwagbale, Uchegbulam, Oduah differ

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Onigbinde, Chukwu, Uwagbale, Uchegbulam, Oduah differ

AS 2013 arrived many fans, administrators, bookmakers and sundry are up beat on their expectations on how sports would fare this year. While some are still at the cross road others believe the country will get it right this time around bearing in mind the hue and cry of their compatriots whenever there are woeful posting international meeting.

Former Super Eagles handler, Adegboye Onigbinde said emphatically said things will get better for sports this as there is likelihood changes would come in certain areas. He added that for football their sports and get it on the part of development and growth. Again, they should learn to tailor towards embracing sports from the grassroots. Such departure will make our sports in 2013 be the better for it.  The FIFA technical study group member and CAF instructor restated that if those at the helm decides to change their minds then we will make considerable head way. The issue of putting round pegs on round holes must also be considered if we expect drastic departure from the past,” he said.

Former captain of the team and coach, Christian Chukwu said with the way Stephen Keshi is going, the Super Eagles will get to some good stead in the forthcoming AFCON. He is also hopeful that football will get better in 2013 and the Eagles will make a lee-way for good turn around this year. We should be stead fast and pray that God guide our administrators to do what will see our sports cum football to great heights.

The Super Eagles will get it started in the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

He hoped that with the kind of build up the team is under going in Faro, Portugal and the overwhelming response from the players would afford both the technical crew and players an ample opportunity to correct whatever error the crew discovered before the Championship begins.

He further gave kudos to the fate displayed by the team during the international friendly against Catalonia as it would build more confidence in the team as AFCON approaches. He called for prayers and support for the team.

“The year 2013 will bring better tidings for Nigerian sports, football in particular. We believe all those in charge of our sports in various stages he belives will learn to implement programmes that would boast

“We will do better in 2013 no doubt. The Super Eagles with their close camping in far away Faro, Portugal will get it right before the African Football summit. He also prays for injury free team”.

For Dr. Patrick Uwagbale, seasoned administrator and Secretary Nigeria Amateur Boxing Federation, all hope should not be lost on the state of sports in the country as people it is their responsibility to fix it are not resting on their spirited resolve to bring about sterling posting in sports the nation participate in.

“There is still light at the end of the tunnel.  We still be steadfast and believe in those there. The truth is that there are a lot to be done to fix our sports. It has gone beyond preparing athletes for competitions and all that. The state of our infrastructures must be thoroughly looked into and other improvements made in the area of provision of new facilities that would aid our athletes and coaches. It is when these essentials things are put in place that Nigerians can then expect much from the administrators and athletes,” he pointed out.

Uwagbale added that with early planning and quick release of budget for sports it will give the administrators ample opportunity to plan well and get thing on stream. The method whereby Nigeria quick call for the head of administrators when things go wrong in sports has remained our undoing but unknown to keen followers of our sports they not to be blamed all the time because it when the funds are available to them that they will run with their programmes.

According to him, in boxing they have done much to reinvent the sport but lack of funds has hindered most of their recommendations that would have brought boxing in full swing. He restated his optimism that the sport will get back to its former self. The NABF board he stressed is not relenting on its efforts to ensure they will put smiles on their faces in 2013. He reassured that he will continue to all he could to what he can to boxing.

Its all hopes from former first Vice President of Nigeria Football Federation, Chief Amanze Uchegbulam as he said Nigerian football will witness tremendous success starting from the forthcoming Africa Cup Nations because Stephen Keshi has shown some marked improvement.

He believed that the lads and their technical crew are doing well that is not to say that there are still no room for drastic improvement in order to ensure a good outing in the Africa’s football show piece. He commended the steps being taken to ensure good outing adding that the only way out is to concentrate in their training plans and programmes. The sport he believes will look up this year because of measures that will be put in place.

He called on Nigerians to be steadfast and believe that our football will be on its feet again.

He also believe that with increased funding, partnership with private sector, corporate concerns showing deep interest in the development and growth of the game in the country only then we can beat our chest and say football has arrived in the country.

“What we are the Football House gets now is just like a little drop of water and because the funds available to service all the national teams and still run the secretariat is not adequate that is why when some individuals wake up to level unfounded allegation of corruption in the House l laugh at them as blackmailers. NFF needs good funding in order to meet up with its heavy over heads as it is with other well funded Football Federations like in South Africa, Egypt, even Cote d’ Ivoire, Ghana and others. In Nigeria, l hope great dawn will beacon on us,” he stressed.

Uchegbulam who is Confederation of African Football (CAF) Appeals Committee Vice President urge Nigerians to have hope and believe in the ability of the people mandated to oversee the game in the country. He also said Super Eagles team will try in the 29th edition of Nations Cup that will open in the Rainbow City of South Africa from January 19, to February 10, 2013.

On the friendly against Catalonia the veteran football guru informed that though the result is encouraging that what mattered most was how the Nigerians came back strongly in the second stanza of the game and made great impact against the star studded side.  The Faro, Portugal camp of the team he believes will give both the crew and the players the needed atmosphere to work out and perfect strategies the all important football summit in South Africa.

“With any hitch, Keshi will be able to pick his team as the camp swells by the day and even decisively replace those that have indicated they won’t be available for the tournament. As the lads prepare, we pray that the camp will also be injury free so that all in form players will storm South Africa with high hopes,” he prays

However, for sports consultant and former NFA member, Prince Isidore Oduah, the last minutes preparations that are going on now will be the most undoing of the Super Eagles. A championship that is some is less than three week to kick- off.

He thumbs up the spirit and efforts of Keshi to build a great team but lack of foresight and internal problem afflicting NFF no doubt will rub- off on the performances of the Eagles in the football festival. He pointed out that what the nation is experiencing now is a very fragile peace amongst NFF members after the AFCON there will ground breaking crisis. The football House is divided. It is not working in harmony as it should in this point in time and even the technical crew is aware but due the leadership qualities Keshi has, it is not affecting his players and men.

“The team will qualify from the group stage but after that what happens. Ghana and Cote d’ Ivoire our traditional tough opponents are there waiting. The whole thing lies on Keshi to use his long and wide experience in the game as former player and now a coach that has led teams to this competition and see if he will make any difference,” he said.

According to him there nothing that points to spectacular outing in sports generally in 2013 because the same old people that have ran the game aground are still on the saddle. Where will the miracle of over night transformation brew from? The veteran insists that until there is a clean sweep whereby all these people that have corrupted the setting gives way sports will continue to lick it wounds for a long time to come.

Oduah said after listening to President Jonathan after the dismal London 2012 Olympics where he assured Nigerians that all the dead woods in Sports Ministry and NSC would be swept and many Months after nothing was done that he said bye, bye to good performance for Nigerian sports. He continued that it will be the same old song. Nothing new will happen in 2013 rather there will be more woes. He said he has long developed thick skin on Nigeria sports and said the worst is yet to come and 2013 will contribute meaningfully its own miserable results.



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