Nollywood’s Most Exciting Stories Are Created With These Simple Tools

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Inspiration is not something you can buy. That doesn’t mean it is in short supply. Even the smallest things can inspire you. Everything around you – books, people and events – add up to a big well where you can draw inspiration from. Nollywood filmmakers are masters in doing this. Curiosity, observation, and passion is the key to transform inspiration into a movie. The filmmakers are able to build Nollywood stories based on their lives, culture, and history.


History could be one of the richest sources of inspiration. Important events that are recorded are often extremely engaging when you watch them on screen. It is like the events of the past are unfolding before your eyes.

History is great storytelling tool

When making a movie based on historical events, it is not uncommon to simplify, skip or exaggerate certain facts. However, history always provides a good starting point for a compelling story.


Fictional books, and oddly, poems have inspired many movies. The people who wrote the poems or books may not have seen its full potentials. But often times, someone else finds these pieces of work, and is inspired to do more with it.

Books are a great source of inspiration for movies makers

From the Bible to popular literature, written pieces have often served as wonderful sources and inspirational material for filmmakers.

Real Life Events

Real life events are often more bewildering than fiction, as we see in the news every day. Nollywood movies based on the heinous cult activities from real life are a good example of this. It doesn’t matter how disturbing it is – the audience will always request movies like “Blood money”.

Events happen around us everyday. They are always fascinating
Personal Experience – A Great Starting Point for Nollywood Stories

The world is full of intertwined stories happening simultaneously. Although we do not always see all these events or the people experiencing them. Other people’s experiences can often fascinate you – especially when you see them put on screen. Art flows with life, and life is art.

Everyone has an experience

Nollywood filmmakers are able to utilize their personal experiences – good or bad – to create fascinating movies. Some will use their traumatic childhoods, relationships, careers or family drama as the backdrop of their Nollywood stories.

The Imagination
Jenifa’s Diary was created from Funke Akindele’s imagination

The human mind is a powerful storytelling tool, and should never be underestimated. Good movie makers never underestimate their imaginations. They make their crazy fantasy world come alive by putting it on screen for us to enjoy.

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