Nollywood’s Best Actors Just Explained What Fame Means For Them

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Nollywood actors are paying the price of fame daily. They also experience personal struggles and still have to fight the public off. No one else seems to be empathic about it as they are often considered to have the most perfect lives. Their lives are not always as perfect and sadly many have accepted the fact that they belong to everyone else, not just to themselves. Nobody is really to blame for the intrusions that comes with the life of an actor – they chose that life.

The Phases of Life of Nollywood’s Best Actors

We have divided these phases into four places to make it easier for you to follow:

Family, Friends and Fans

Being famous puts pressure on family and friendships. Friends begin to expect too much. They expect you to call and reach out even when you are busy. In our opinion, there could be one good thing about this – you will know exactly who your true friends and those who are not happy you are in the spotlight.

Some friends walk away from you

Also, everything you say on social media is taken out of context. People only see the glam, they don’t see the struggles. So most of the time, actors get lonely on their journey as famous people.

Love, Hatred and Relationship
You lose your old friends and you never really know your new friends

Actors are a magnet for both hatred and love – You’re adored by millions and hated by a million more. If you ever have the opportunity to meet the single female actors in Nollywood, ask them yourself – dating is almost impossible for them. First, women who are rich, attract a lot of scammers. So actresses in Nollywood are careful to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

And secondly, men love being dominant and being around these rich women makes it impossible for them to be dominant. Your famous face makes it hard to know who’s really into you when it comes to relationships.

The Upwards Struggle is real and the Media is the Enemy

If you ever find yourself going downward, the media will be the first to celebrate that. They have no empathy. The news from the media can throw any actor into instant depression and anxiety. Some actors wake up sometimes only to face their worst fears – horrible stories about their marriage and life.

The media is your enemy

The media is the number one enemy of any actor. Their audience sees everything the media publishes as funny including when they poke the privacy and family life of Nollywood actors.

There is also the pressure to do better, both from the director on set and more especially, actors always want to satisfy fans. So you are pushed to do better because of the many comments coming from the audience.

Security is a problem

Bullying comes with the career – Living in big houses, driving nice cars draws all the bullies. They think actors don’t understand what it means to really struggle for anything. So they are often bullied and people say bad things to hurt them.

Actors are like fugitives and most of them don’t even know that. Just like a wanted person, they have to calculate their every move before stepping out. They risk being photographed at every point, camera phones have made that possible. People approach them at will when they are spotted in open places.

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