Nollywood Movies On Netflix You Need To Watch

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Nollywood movies on Netflix has shown great growth this year, and we’re so here for it. The world is paying more attention to Nigeria’s movie industry, and Netflix isn’t left behind. With such great line ups we’ve had this year, I’m looking forward to what will come out of Nollywood in 2020. Before the year ends, you may want to have a look at Nollywood movies on Netflix that I recommend. So here you go!

4 Nollywood Movies on Netflix you certainly NEED to watch!

Zero Hour

‘After his father passes, the heir to a retail empire returns to take over his family business but faces a controversy involving laundering and murder.’ Zero Hour stars Alex Ekubo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ali Nuhu and Rahama Sadau. For the first time in my career, my prediction of the main bad guy was slightly off. Slightly off because I had two options. One failed, the other was right. I haven’t lost my touch after all. In my opinion, this Nollywood movie is worth every kobo I spent watching.


King of Boys

‘A businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past is drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear.’ The producer, Kemi Adetiba, managed to bring A-list stars together without making it suck big time. The actors balanced each other out and allowed themselves to shine too. The entire cinematic experience would leave you breathless. No wonder King of Boys made it to Netflix and remains a topic on Twitter.


Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons

‘Four promiscuous businessmen must scheme to save the poor people of a village after a corrupt politician challenges them.’ With the second part of Merry Men officially out, you may want to refresh your memory.  Merry Men is an action-packed film with all the oohhs and ewws of Nigerian bachelorhood. It’s also an afro representation of Robinhood but in Nigeria and a comedic manner.

Bling Lagosians

‘As each member of the Holloway family work to solve their problems, they prepare for Mopelola’s party, clearly to become the year’s biggest society event. The buzz about the party attracts unwanted attention to the family business.’ This movie reeks of money and premium Lagos luxury. You’ll love the struggles, fights, and the amazing ending. When it all ends, there’s no way you won’t say you were not emotional at some point.

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