Nollywood Meaning – Is Nollywood a Word in the Dictionary?

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Not every word in use has been added to the dictionary and ‘Nollywood’, which now has a meaning as the center of movies in Nigerian, is one of them. When a word begins to occur, it is normal for dictionary officials to do some research before considering it a candidate to be included. There are several factors that determine if a word will be added and we wonder if Nollywood will ever make it.

Nollywood Meaning – Why You Still Can’t Find Nollywood In The Dictionary

Nollywood now has a clear meaning as the home of movies in Nigeria, and unlike Tollywood and Bollywood, it is still not in the dictionary.

But the people who decide what words get into the dictionary each year uses several factors to do that. They track a word by reading a cross-section of articles and published material. The occurrence of a word in books, newspapers, electronic publications, and magazines help them to reach a final decision. The eligibility of a word is dependent on:

  • How frequent the word occurs in these materials
  • How many times the word is used around the world
  • The variant spelling of the word
  • Other forms of the same word – and if they can find synonyms and antonyms
Nollywood is widely used, but not in dictionary

Dictionary editors track a word over a significant amount of time. They study a word while it is used and determine what it means by carefully monitoring it. By so doing, they will also learn how often people use a word and how they use it. So depending on how often Nollywood is used around the world, ‘citations’ will be created with the word ‘Nollywood‘.

To create citations, the word ‘Nollywood’ has to be first added to a computer system. An example of Nollywood used in context and the bibliographic information about the sources of Nollywood are elements of citations. Editors will need enough citations to prove that Nollywood is widely used and that it belongs in the dictionary. However, having enough citations does not mean that it will automatically be added to the dictionary. It simply makes it a contestant. So, adding Nollywood to the dictionary might be a while, if it ever will.

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