Nollywood Executives Are Demanding Better Stories For Movies

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Good movies and good stories are integrated elements and to a large extent, the outcome of any good movie is dependent on its script. Nollywood producers like surprises, they want your script to overwhelm them. Before approaching producers in Nollywood with your movie script – ask yourself if your story and the characters you have created for the movies will stand the test of time?

Nollywood Executives Checklist

Don’t approach a producer with a romance/drama script if he makes horror movies. Find out what kind of movies a Nollywood producer makes and what’s his taste in scripts. Choose a genre with the producer in mind.

Ramsey Nouah, is a popular movie maker in Nollywood

Everyone love stories with good endings, even movie producers. They want to see that in your script before buying it. Let your script round up well at the end.

The budget of a movie is always on their minds, and if they cannot find a way to make the movie low-budget, your script won’t sell.

Scriptwriting has no specified formula, avoid using the traditional format in your script. Stop following the trend and make your script more interesting.

They don’t need shallow stories for their movies like those about a prince disguising himself to find a good woman to marry. You could win a producer with simple, sincere, and hopeful stories.

Nollywood executives are more likely going to choose a script based on true-life stories over fictional stories. Dig harder to get original stories.

Avoid typos, they make your script lack professionalism. Proper grammar and spelling matter. They will throw your script across the room if they find it is full of typos.

Segun Arinze is one of the show runners in the industry

Our Thought

In our next article, we will give you the secret recipe that many people have used in Nollywood to sell their scripts instantly. As we earlier said, Nollywood executives like surprises, give them something they have never seen before, literally. Although most story ideas are born from other stories, it is still possible to create something that is unique. One quick tip on what we will be covering next – Your intro must be engaging! If you can not catch them with your intro, then you have lost your chances of selling that script.

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