Nigerian Movies On Netflix You Should Watch

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Netflix is seeing incredible growth all over the world, but some Nigerians are yet to join the user base. Factors like data charges and the monthly fee are some of the main reasons for Nigerian movie lovers not to join. For people worried about the data charges, it could be worth noting that you will be able to download movies to watch offline with the Netflix download feature. This could help cut the costs for people with access to wifi. Regarding the monthly fee, Netflix actually offers a 30 days free trial. Another question many Nigerians keep asking is if there are any Nigerian movies on Netflix.

Nigerian Movies on Netflix?

The answer is yes. Some of the Nigerian movies on Netflix are among the most powerful stories ever told on screen. Here is a highlight of some of the best Nigerian movies on Netflix. Note that the availability can vary between countries.

“Mom and Dad Meet Sam”

Having found success as a young man, Josiah, the only son of a Nigerian family decides to bring his English girlfriend Samantha to meet his parents in Lagos. Josiah’s family and Samantha have contrary beliefs on many levels, and this obviously creates some tensions for both parties. Josiah’s mother especially has a hostile attitude to Samantha which introduces so much drama. The movie is quite enjoyable and is starring Joseph Benjamin portraying Josiah and Daniella Down as Samantha.

A scene from “Mom and Dad Meet Sam” (Photo: Restless Distribution)

“Invasion 1897”

This movie has been described as the most ambitious movie ever made. “Invasion 1897” shows the fight that the Benin kingdom put up against the greedy British colonials who came to loot its ancient artefacts. It further shows the repercussions that came out of such acts and how it still resonates today.

A scene from “Invasion 1897” (Photo: Wells Lion TV)

“The Arbitration”

This Nigerian movie is among the few that will surely change the way you look at the Nigerian film industry. A lawsuit filed by Dara Olujobi (Adesua Etomi) divulges the relationship between two former colleagues/ex-lovers. This makes the movie posses some intense dialogue and conversation scenes.

A scene from “The Arbitration” (Photo: TIFF Trailers)

The production quality of Nigerian movies has become better over the years. Inclusion on Netflix should tell you that the Nigerian movies on Netflix have met the quality standards.

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