NIGERIA: Anger over transfer of 280 teachers in Anambra

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NIGERIA: Anger over transfer of 280 teachers in Anambra

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Published on Saturday, 12 January 2013 06:24


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IT has been complaints galore in Anambra State since the new chairman of the State Universal Primary Education Board, ASUPEB, Chief Nzemeka Olisah announced the posting of over 280 primary school teachers from the highly overstaffed urban schools to the rural schools in the state which had lacked teachers over the years.

Olisah has already given the affected teachers up to January 15 to be at their new duty posts, insisting that no amount of lobbying would make the board reverse the situation. Most of the affected teachers are wives of the rich people in the state who reside mainly in Awka and Onitsha and had over the years resisted any move to transfer their wives out of the urban centers in the state.

The board said the criteria for the latest postings include surplus teachers who are class free, as well as schools operating class sizes of less than 35 pupils at primary and 25 pupils at the early childhood levels.

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