Mozambique: Malawians Attack Police Post

| December 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Maputo — Calm and tranquility have returned to the region of Baragua, in the northern Mozambican province of Niassa, after last Monday’s attack by a group of Malawians against a Mozambican police post, according to Interior Minister Alberto Mondlane.

The incident was sparked off by the arrest of a Malawian citizen for crossing the border illegally. His relatives crossed the border to rescue him, assaulted a policeman of the Mozambican Frontier Guard, and made an unsuccessful attempt to seize his AK-47 rifle.

The raiders took their relative back into Malawi, but returned later on Monday and burnt down the Frontier Guard post.

Cited by Radio Mozambique, Mondlane downplayed the incident, which he described as “localised and controllable”. A tranquil environment had now returned to Baragua, he claimed.

Mondlane said that the Mozambican and Malawian authorities work closely together, and there is a good atmosphere in joint attempts to solve problems that occur along the common border.

He added that the Seventh Session of the Mozambique-Malawi Joint Defence and Security Commission was held in November. It had discussed various occurrences along the border, and the need to find solutions that bring these cases to an end and ensure mutual respect.

As for the Baragua incident, an investigation is now under way, Mondlane said, involving the police forces of both countries. The purpose of the investigation is to establish the real motives for the attack, identify those responsible, and then take measures against them in accordance with Mozambican and Malawian law.

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