Liberia: Opposition Backs Weah’s Appointment

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Liberia’s main opposition party-the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) through its National Chairman has said the appointment of the CDC’s standard bearer, Mr. George M. Weah, as Liberia’s Peace Ambassador will not ruin the party’s chances of becoming the next ruling party.

The CDC stated that the appointment of Mr. Weah poses no threat to his presidential ambition. Liberia’s next Presidential and General Elections are due 2017. Chairman George Solo described Mr. Weah’s acceptance of the position of Liberia’s Peace Ambassador as a new strategy to solidify the party’s hold of local governance.

Mr. Solo, who bragged that the CDC is the only party that is capable of reconciling post-conflict Liberia, made it clear that the CDC has not abandoned its quest of becoming the next ruling party of the country. The CDC’s chairman made these comments recently when he spoke to journalists at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

His comments came on the heels of criticisms in some quarters of Monrovia that the CDC’s dream of capturing state power will not be realizable since Mr. Weah had accepted the position of Liberia’s Peace Ambassador.

Speaking further, Mr. Solo pointed out: “I do not think this changes the perspective and psychology of the Congress for Democratic Change for advancing equal rights, accountability and good governance in Liberia. I think Ambassador Weah’s acceptance of the post further manifests that we are willing to stand up for all these positions and highlight all necessary changes needed in our society.”

He maintained: “The Congress for Democratic Change has not abandoned its desire to be Liberia’s next ruling party, instead, it has solidified its ambition to govern the country.” According to him, the CDC was “changing in its dimension of how to deal with the current societal ills”. The CDC’s executive indicated that the new role of Ambassador Weah is not altogether new as it is being perceived in some quarters of the Liberian society.

“As you may be aware, Ambassador Weah, while working as UNICEF Good Will Ambassador, was very instrumental in the disarmament of hundreds of Liberian youths. So, Weah has been a pillar of peace in this post conflict Liberia and he has been one of the custodians of the sustainability of peace that we all are enjoying here today. This appointment is just a continuation of the commitment to reconciling the entire country, something the CDC government will be committed to doing in 2017,” he among other things added.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Weah, while formally accepting his post as Liberia’s Peace Ambassador at the official closing ceremony of the just ended National Vision 2030 Conference in Gbarnga City, Monrovia stated that his task will only be successful if the Government of Liberia(GOL) demonstrates the political will to support his initiative. In the absence of the political will on the part of GOL, he added that his task will not achieve its desired results.

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