Liberia: Is the Code of Conduct in a Coma?

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We have learned time after time that planning without implementation is a waste this is why every decent, civilized and responsible government or society puts in its very best to ensure that the duty of its people navigates in keeping with legislations that will bring them joy, peace, happiness on one hand and on the other provides for them an uncompromised security and upholding the supreme interest of the state and people.

Considering that our country is a signatory to most of the well respected international conventions, it can in no way shy away from fashioning its governance system in line with the best practice; and based on such challenge, a code of conduct was crafted which would serve as our national compass as we sail through calm and sometimes rough waters.

And so the birth of the code of conduct was welcomed believing also that as a roadmap in our governance process all stakeholders including the citizenry would provide it with all and most needed support and care so that its precious role is not in any form, manner or style thwarted by some individuals who perceived it to be threat-driven.

But for some time now, the fate of the code of conduct has dragged on and on thereby becoming a sticky issue of debate. Already we are hearing form a civil society organization that it will do everything in its reach to ensure that the code of conduct does not die naturally. What is obtaining here is that the code of conduct is in trouble and without reaching its full mile has attracted some foes who directly or indirectly would not want it to see the light of day.

What is about this code that some people do not want to see it to play its valuable role in the governance process? Who are those who see the code of conduct as a threat and why it is not being accepted except most of its powerful veins are cut or completely weakened? Do we need a code of conduct and if so then who is holding it in a coma?

Let us face it, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that this code of conduct issue is brought to the front line and let’s go into its merits and demerits rather then to see it become a piece of work totally feared by some, hated by few and loved by others. It must take center-stage so that all the pros and cons can freely and openly voice out their respective positions; find a common ground and move forward to make progress in the supreme interest of enhancing the governance system we have challenged ourselves to protect, uphold and sustain.

We owe it to our moral existence not to be confronted with such question: is The Code of Conduct In Coma?

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