Liberia: From ‘Grace to Jail’

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“He who comes with probity must come with clean hands” is a philosophical witticism that established the true values of human existence and dignity, and anything contrary is always phenomenally counter-productive. This is the place Montserrado County charismatic Superintendent Grace Kpan finds herself after falling from grace yesterday. She tried so endlessly acting smart, as others would say, but lawmakers thwarted every attempt of her to keep scoring on them, as she was held liable on four counts of administrative and financial flaws and had to be sent to jail. Legislative Correspondent Agnes Tar witnessed the proceeding that, at last, broke the camel’s back and reports.

Madam Grace Kpan, an avowed Christian, who before her ascendency to the post of Superintendent of Liberia’s most populated county, Montserrado was a vocal campaigner against societal ills and workers well-being, could not defend her credentials when appeared before rage-faced lawmakers to justify allegedly unauthorized expenditure of monies put at her disposal.

Following hours of trying to give members of the House of Representative who summoned her to give reasons why she should not be held in contempt, Madam Kpan was struck a blow that put an everlasting indentation on her public and private life, as she was ordered jailed.

37 out of those who were in Session voted in favor of the motion to jail her. Before then, the lawmakers declared a vote of no confidence in her to serve as Superintendent of Montserrado County.

The decision to send her to jail also stemmed from her inability to adhere to a mandate from members of the House of Representatives who sometimes last month ordered her to repay the US$50,775 taken from the Forestry Development Authority.

She told the lawmakers at the time that she used the money on the construction of schools, outside of approved procedures, let alone the approval of the Project Management Committee (PMC) which is charged with the mandate of approving projects before they are implemented.

More besides, she was ordered to reinstate the Montserrado County Project Management Committee Chairman whom she suspended and as well as to bring the county money under one account.

All of these mandates, the jailed Superintendent failed to do thus propelling the lawmakers into the action of sending her behind bars as a means of deterring other officials from treading similar paths.

The Capitol Building billowed into emotional outburst when Madam Kpan was sentenced to 72 hour imprisonment at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The tensions developed between supporters of the Supt. Kpan and concerned citizens of the county when one of the security guards assigned to the her forced her to change course from the Sergeant’s vehicle as she boarded her parked private vehicle.

The concerned citizens barricaded the gates of the compound along with the two vehicles that demanded Montserrado County Superintendent to come down to ride with the Sergeant-at-arm’s vehicle.

Meanwhile, upon Rep. Snowe intervention Supt. Kpaan agreed to ride with the Sergeant-at-arm as the angry crowd jeered, banging her vehicle endlessly.

Miatta Fahnbulleh who had earlier gone at the Capitol Building to advocate on her behalf turned cold when she heard that the students of the Obaas Girls School which she heads were beneficiaries of the county development fund, a situation that astonished her.

It can be recalled that the Montserrado Superintendent was summoned by the House of Representatives last year to answer to numerous allegations,

Hearing of the action taken against her by the House, a member of the Clergy, a place the disgraced official is also revered, told this paper, “no matter what happens, she is disgraced.”

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