Liberia: Controversial Mayor Broh Prepares for Day in Court

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As Acting City Mayoress, Mary Broh weirds power like a roaring lion, destroying any unacceptable thing in an acceptable and suitable place in the name of cleaning the city and giving it facelift. Her power is that she declared 1st Saturday of each month a cleaning day. Her power is that she deals with anyone who challenges. Her power is that she is run from, and her power is that when she comes out, there bounds to be traffic. Some call her “General.” Some refer to her as president in disguise. That is Mary Broh and that is why, perhaps, she stopped “condemned” Superintendent Grace Kpaan from going to jail. The Government has moved in to test whether it is in her power to grant people immunity from jail. The New Republic looks at the past proceedings and what could happen today as she appears in court.

Today, March 4, 2013 could witness another mass throng of Liberians in the courtyard of the Temple of Justice where suspended Acting City Mayor Mary Broh is expected to appear to answer to charges brought against her by the government.

Her destination is the Monrovia City Court where she was granted by bail.

The government in which she is an official sued her for obstructing its operation in line with subchapter A, Section 12, IV LCL of the Liberian Penal Code.

Minister Christiana Tah who made the divulgence said Acting Mayor Broh’s charge was a bailable offense and added “No one is above the law, irrespective of your education, ethnic background, position in government, or socioeconomic status in society.”

“All citizens are entitled to equal protection of the law; it sends a clear message that all citizens, private or public servants have a duty to respect the legal and institutional framework established by the government. The government is determined to reestablish the rule of law in Liberia.”

When she showed up at the Temple of Justice last week it was the grace of God that saved her.

She escaped by the skin of her teeth as raging crowd overwhelmed the courtyard of the Temple of Justice and attempted manhandling her as she tried, with the help of security officers, to get into the building.

She looked eerie and even had to force herself under the protection of officers as the crowd moved in to express their anger in many ways.

Some were mad at the fact that Madam Broh was ridding in government-owned vehicle and even dressed in an MCC T-shirt.

“She does not suppose to use government car. She is suspended; she is not working. Why she should ride this car,” remarked one of the men in the crowd.

Officers of the Liberia National Police had to be called in to get the troubled powerful suspended Mayor out of the court.

Besides that, the roughness of the tension resorted to injuries and loss of property.

The formality today’s proceedings against her will take is not known, but government’s lawyers are likely to detail their case her (Broh) while she is likely to speak through her lawyers.

But this is one of the moments that will surely attract the attention of ordinary Liberians, even those at the helm of power.

The National Legislature is furious at the action of Madam Broh to defy their power and bring them to public ridicule.

On the basis of that, the House of Representatives last week gave President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a 72-hour ultimatum to dismiss both Superintendent Kpaan and Acting Mayor Mary Broh, both of whom she suspended a day after.

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