Liberia: CDC Declares General Amnesty

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The National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change, on behalf of its Stand-Bearer and Liberia’s Peace Ambassador, George M. Weah, has with immediate effect declared general amnesty for all expelled members of the party under Executive order #004. The leadership of the party broadcasts that this general amnesty covers members of the party who may have been expelled for serious constitutional breaches between 2005 and 2012.

According to CDC release, “this judgment is in line with PART II, BY-LAWS Chapter 1. CODES OF CONDUCT of the Congress for Democratic Change, authorizing the NEC as final arbiter in all disciplinary matters within the institution.

“Of equivalent purpose, the leadership, believing that the epitome of all disciplinary actions being deference for the rule of law and the protection of paramount collective interests, holds to the view that an indispensable lesson of noncompliance with impunity has been taught and well served.

“As the party re-embraces its formerly expelled members, it urges all concerned to take advantage of the reprieve to realign with the party’s grassroots ideological beliefs, respect the rule of law governing the party, and exert efforts toward confidence building with ordinary partisans, the membership and the National Executive Committee of the establishment through active participation in party programs and activities.

“Meanwhile, the party encourages all beneficiaries who desire to take advantage of the amnesty to reaffirm their membership with the organization through the Membership Committee, under the Department of Operations within six months period as of the date of this publication. The party reiterates the importance of this exercise as it is determined to update individual party records with the institution.

“Furthermore, the Congress for Democratic Change on behalf of its Standard-Bearer and the National Executive Committee extends profound Seasons’ greetings to the people of Liberia, and members of the Diplomatic Community near Monrovia.

“In conclusion, as the CDC recommits to the struggle for good governance and the equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth for all without prejudice, the organization wishes unhindered peace and prosperity for Liberia and all citizens within its borders; and look forward to working for the promotion of national peace and stability which will enhance the democratic space of diffrences paramount to our nation’s growth and reconciliation, a release signed by the party National Chairman, George Ggodeayee Solo concluded.

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