Kenya: We Have Killed Kenyan Soldier, Shabaab Claim

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The Somalia militant group al Shabaab yesterday claimed to have executed a Kenya Defence Force soldier who had been reported missing.

The claim was made in a website post on Shabaab last month gave the Kenya government a 30-day ultimatum to release all Muslim convicts or they would kill five Kenyan hostages.

The militants, who have been dislodged by Amisom troops and the Somalia National Army from many parts of the country, yesterday threatened to kill the remaining hostages if the Kenya government does not meet their demands.

“Following the expiry of the deadline set by Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen for the Kenyan PoWs, the Mujahideen have decided to execute a soldier serving in the Kenyan Defence Forces.

Despite the Mujahideen opening the doors of negotiations and giving them ample time, the Kenyan government has been wilfully negligent and has failed to take adequate steps to secure the release of its citizens. And with this, it has become manifestly evident that the government does not value the lives of Kenyan citizens, despite claiming to have invaded Somalia because of two foreign tourists. The lives of the Kenyan citizens now also awaiting execution are cheap compared to the lives of the foreign tourists,” the al Shabaab said.

KDF spokesman Colonel Cyrus Oguna said al Shabaab disregards human life and dignity.

“It has come to the attention of KDF that al Shabaab claims to have executed a KDF soldier. Though this can’t be verified, KDF strongly condemns the alleged execution. KDF remains committed to protecting the hard won security and degrade the ability of the al Shabaab to disrupt the region’s peace and stability,” Oguna said.

The group gave the government 72 hours to release the Muslim convicts.

Thirty-six-year-old former Burderi DO Edward Mule Yesse and Immigration Department clerk Fredrick Irungu Wainaina, 56, are among the Kenyans held.

Mule and Irungu were abducted when al Shabaab insurgents raided a police post in Wajir on January 11, 2012.Six people, including three APs, were killed in the incident.

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