Kenya: Vetting Board Declares Five Judges Unfit for Office

| December 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Sharad Rao one of the candidates for the vetting of Judges and Magistrates board by the parliamentary oversight committee yest. Photo/ Jack Owuor

Five judges have been declared to unfit to serve in the judiciary by the Rashad Rao led Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board.

Justices Murugi Mugo, Leonard Njagi, Mary Ang’awa Nicholas Ombija, and Joseph Sergon have been accused of discrepancies in their dispensation with justice.

The vetting board based their decision on evidence from hearings pointed out that the judges were guilty of delayed rulings, inconsistent interpretation of the law and questionable moral character.

The board found 23 other judges fit to continue serving after receiving evidence from the public and cross-examining the judges. The board noted that some of the claims made against the judges were in bad faith and malicious.

It further noted the effort of these judges in clearing the backlog of cases despite being assigned tasks outside of court by the Chief Justice.

The board’s chairman Rashad Rao has said that the vetting process of the judiciary will continue next year with over 300 magistrates expected to go through the same process as the judges.

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