Kenya: Thousands May Not Vote in March 4 Polls

| March 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) director of voter registration and electoral operations, Immaculate Kassait, announced to members of the Political Parties Liaison Committee yesterday during a tour of the national election centre at the Bomas of Kenya that the details of 13,000 potential voters are missing from the biometric voter registration system.

The number includes more than 13,000 people with multiple registrations who will not be allowed to vote. The rest, whose details were not captured by the BVR system and are not registered more than once, will vote based on the manual register of the commission, also called the black book.

The IEBC’s principal register has 14,352,545 registered voters, including 2,637 in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Members of the Political Parties Liaison Committee said they were pleased with the preparations the IEBC has made ahead of the Monday elections during the familiarization tour of the tallying centre with assurance from the commission that the election will not run into the second day. The average time taken for each voter is between four and eight minutes and the process will be like a conveyor belt that only stops when there are no more voters in the queue.

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