Kenya: President Kibaki’s New Year Message

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Fellow Kenyans,

I am happy to send you this goodwill message as we prepare to usher in a New Year- TWENTY THIRTEEN. Let me first thank the Almighty God for bringing us this far as a country and as individuals. Indeed we have much to be thankful for.

Just yesterday, we marked the tenth anniversary since we took office. In that period the Kenyan people have entrusted us to manage the affairs of our nation. I wish to most sincerely thank the people of Kenya and all our external friends for the support they have extended to me and the government during that period.

Together we have moved Kenya forward and created a solid foundation for increased prosperity for the Kenyan people. The strides we have made are visible. Our children are enjoying access to education and getting a fair chance at succeeding in life.

Kenyans expect to live longer due to increased life expectancy. Millions more Kenyans now have access to clean water and electricity while our health services have vastly improved. We have a new constitution that is guiding the management of our nation.

These achievements during my tenure are attributable to the dedication we have seen from our leaders and the hard work of the people of Kenya. My joy is to see these achievements move to a higher level so that Kenyans enjoy a higher quality of life.

As we look back at the journey we have travelled we must also focus on the way forward. I am confident that the future is bright for our country. That future will be solidified when we embark on a peaceful, fair and just election.

As a government, we are putting in place mechanisms to ensure that we have a good election. That responsibility must however, be shared by the various political aspirants and citizens. We must all make a deliberate decision to conduct ourselves peacefully. We should respect the rights of others to hold differing views and their support for different candidates. We must agree to the holding of peaceful and issue oriented campaigns.

After 50 years of independence, our democracy has come of age. The best gift that we can bestow upon our motherland, on her diamond jubilee year is a peaceful election. Let us all play our part and send a clear message to the world that we are a beacon of democracy, freedom and liberty.

On my part, I pledge a smooth transition to the leadership that the people of Kenya will elect into office. This smooth transition must be felt at the national and county levels. This is the reason we are working hard to ensure a smooth transition to the county governments.

This coming year, let us also resolve to work closely with our security forces, so as to rid our country of the agents of terror. We must never relent in this process. The ongoing reforms in the security sector will be fast-tracked in the coming weeks.

The government is also putting in place measures to help Kenyans adversely affected by the ongoing rains around the country. Let us also take individual precautions to guard against the effects of the heavy rains.

Finally, I wish all Kenyan’s a Happy, prosperous and secure TWENTY THIRTEEN. I extend my best wishes to those who will be vying for various positions in the March 4TH elections. Above all let us place our faith in God to guide us in the days ahead. Let us keep the peace and treat fellow Kenyans as our brothers and sisters.


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