Kenya: Kenya Airways Suspends All Flights to Malawi

| February 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Nairobi — Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways has suspended all flights to and from Malawi in the wake of a crippling strike by public sector in the southern African country.

The ongoing strike, one of the most serious, has paralyzed operations in major economic and social installations in the country.

Kenya Airways operates 10 flights a week to and from the Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe and the suspension is seriously expected to affect the business community in the two countries and those connecting to other southern African countries.

A terse statement from Kenya Airways said the suspension will be in place until the situation in the country normalizes. Other affected airlines include South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

“All flights to and from Malawi have been suspended until further notice,” said the statement sent to media outlets and posted on the Kenya Airways official website.

Currently, the main airports in Malawi Kamuzu International Airport and Chileka International Airport have been shut following the biting strike.

Sources from the southern African country indicated that the government had initiated talks with workers union officials but there was no indication yet on when the strike will be called off.

Over 100,000 workers are currently participating in the nationwide strike since last week paralyzing key government functions. The Malawian government is facing a major challenge torn between meetings the workers’ demands on the one hand while at the same time sticking to the International Monetary Fund-backed austerity measure.

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