Kenya: KCPE, KCSE Results Out On Jan 25

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The 2012 KCPE and KCSE candidates, their parents and schools will wait nearly three weeks before they get to know their results.

Education minister Mutula Kilonzo said the results will now be released on January 25 which has raised concerns from education stakeholders about the impact this will have on the school calendar.

“The marking of the examinations has been completed and the Kenya National Examination Council is processing the data which might take three weeks. We hope to have the results around January 25, 2013,” the minister said in a press conference in Mombasa yesterday.

He blamed the delay of the results’ release on the three week strike by teachers in September which disrupted learning countrywide and caused a delay in the start of the third term. Public schools were the most affected by the strike.

Mutula also announced that the schools will be reopen for the first term of 2013 on January 7 and close on April 12 with a one week mid-term break between February 28 and March 7 to allow for the general elections scheduled to be held on March 4.

Mutula declined to confirm whether the school calendar will be interrupted again if there is a presidential run-off on April 4. According to the IEBC calendar this is the date when a run-off will be held in case no one candidate emerges the winner after the March 4 election.

“We will cross that bridge when we get to it. At the end of the first round, we will determine, based on the results by the IEBC, what to do if there are run-off elections,” he said.

Majority of the polling stations in the country are schools which has caused concerns among the education stakeholders as a run off raises the possibility that the school term will be disrupted yet again.

Mutula expressed hope that there will be a clear winner to avoid the run-off which will disrupt learning. He said that if there was to be a run-off, the IEBC will schedule it on a day which was not a school day. April 4 is a Thursday.

He also appealed to all political parties to conduct their nominations on days other than school days. The IEBC has set the January 10 as the deadline for parties to conduct their nominations. This will be just three days after children report to school for the first term.

“Now that the main nominations for IEBC are on January 31, they (political parties) can be able to adjust their calendars so that children are not affected,” said Mutula.

Education PS George Godia said the second term will be between May 6 and August 9, with the third terms running from September 2 to November 15. “This is to ensure there are no disruptions during this period,” said Godia.

Mutula said the new term dates were arrived at after consultation with stakeholders from various sectors.

“The Form One admissions are also on course and immediately the results are out the process of admission will start,” Mutula said adding that modalities are already in place to guide the process. The selection process usually takes about three weeks.

Mutula said the ministry has also put in place measures to ensure that those students from areas affected by heavy rains in various parts of the country like Keiyo District in Marakwet county, do not suffer much from disruption of learning.

Ten pupils from more than three schools in the district have died in the disasters caused by the heavy rains. Hundreds more are also unlikely to start school following a resumption of clashes in the Tana Delta where thousands have been displaced.

Mutula said the Basic Education Bill 2012, which awaits assent of President Kibaki, will set up a specific council to manage schools in nomadic areas where gender and regional disparities are great.

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