Kenya: How Voting Will Be Done

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Polling stations will open at 6am and close at 5pm. Those who come after the 5pm deadline will not be allowed to vote. But an exception will made to those who will be on the line when the 5pm deadline reaches.

Voters will only be allowed to vote in their respective polling stations where they registered.When inside the polling station, the clerk will ask you to show your left small finger to ascertain that you are not there to vote for a second time.

You will then be required to provide your identification card to prove that you are indeed the person you claim to be and that you are a registered voter.

This will also be followed by an Electronic Voter Identification Device stage where you will be required to place your fingers for identification.

After confirmation, one clerk will hand you beige coloured ballot paper for the County Ward Assembly representative and a blue one for the gubernatorial seat.

The second clerk will hand you a green ballot paper with the National Assembly representative choices and a purple one for the County Women’s representative.

The clerk on the third desk will hand you a white ballot paper with the presidential candidate options on it and a yellow one for the senatorial post.

The ballot papers will have the party symbols together with the picture of each presidential candidate with the name of their preferred running mate at the side.

After putting the preferred mark alongside the name or image of your preferred candidate of choice, the ballot papers are to be dropped into the ballot boxes with corresponding colours before the voters left small finger is put into blue ink so as to confirm that he/she has already voted.

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