Kenya: Clerics to Help Fight Drug Trade

| December 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Two Muslim clerics yesterday said they will support Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo in the fight against drug trafficking in the country.Speaking in Mombasa on Thursday, Kimaiyo said he will use a partnership approach and action-oriented leadership to fight crime.

He said he will seek partnership with civil society organisations, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, the media and private security firms in the fight against drugs and human trafficking.

“It is a good idea. We need to work together because criminals have become sophisticated and use new technology to do crime,” said Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya organising secretary Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa.

Speaking to the Star on the phone yesterday, Sheikh Khalifa said Kimaiyo’s approach will open a new chapter.Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council chairm Sheikh Juma Ngao said Kimaiyo needs to be empowered to fight drug-trafficking and other security problems.

Sheikh Ngao urged Kimaiyo to ensure that the borders through which drugs are smuggled into the country are shut.”He should establish a partnership with the international community, especially countries where drugs such as cocaine and heroin are manufactured, to ensure that containers leaving their countries do not carry illicit goods like the drugs,” he said.

On Thursday, Kimaiyo said he welcomes positive criticism from the media and other partners in the fight against drug trafficking.

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