Kenya: Accept Poll Outcome, Kibaki Pleads

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Nairobi — President Mwai Kibaki on Friday appealed to candidates vying in Monday’s historic polls to be ready to accept the results for the sake of keeping Kenyans peaceful and united.

In a message aired on television and radio, he explained that losing an election did not mean the end of the worth of the candidates but a continuation of their roles in various national building activities.

“To those who will not win, your country still needs you. There are many other roles you can play in our development endeavours.”

Kibaki again reminded Kenyans to remain peaceful during the elections scheduled to take place on Monday.

The Head of State also called on Kenyans to ensure they participate in the historical elections which will determine their future.

“Let us send a clear message to the world that our democracy has come of age. A peaceful vote is a vote for a secure, prosperous and stable Kenya. Remember Monday 4th March is your date with destiny; cast your vote and keep the peace,” President Kibaki asserted.

He called on Kenyans to focus on development since there was an assurance of conducting a free, fair and peaceful election.

The Head of State further urged registered voters to ensure they vote on Monday as their democratic right and responsibility in choosing their leaders.

“By voting, you decide the leadership that will manage your hopes and aspirations. In casting your vote, you will be exercising your democratic right and taking your place in history,” he noted.

In his five minute speech, the president assured Kenyans of security during the electioneering period as he also urged them to play their role of observing and maintaining peace.

Kibaki who is on the final days of his presidency has been at the forefront calling for peaceful elections and unity among all the Kenyan tribes.

Kenya has been under sharp local and international focus after the 2007 election that led to a disputed presidential poll that cost the country over 1,000 lives and displacements of half a million people.

The president is further scheduled to meet all the eight presidential candidates on Sunday.

Apart from peaceful, free and fair elections, the meeting with the presidential candidates will also touch on smooth transition from his leadership to his successor.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have been predicted as the front runners in the Monday polls.

However pollsters have predicted that none of them will get the requisite 50 percent plus one vote and 25 percent in majority of the county seats.

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