JJC TO Debut In Nollywood

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JJC, born in Kano State as Abdulrasheed Bello Buhari is popularly known in the UK as the producer and creator of the multi-platinum and award winning group, ‘Big Brovaz’ is set to debut in Nollywood anytime soon. 

The artiste whose heat song ‘We Are African’ has been remixed seven times in different countries is on a tour around the country promoting his new hit ‘Shank’.  He recently told Entertainment Rendezvous that Nigerian music industry is a threat to the world, adding that apart from establishing his own style of music, he is coming into Nollywood as an actor anytime soon.

In his words, ‘I will say the Nigeria Music industry of today is a threat to the rest of the world. As long as we keep working together, collaborating, showing support to the next generation I think we are going to supersede our counterparts because I think we have population and innovation on our side. And we travel a lot. Just like I said in my other song, we have got rhythm from the day we are born and that’s why we are Africans,’ (laughs)

‘I see myself establishing my style of music, the electro-afro beat. I also hope to create new stuff that would enable and challenge the new and old generation to move forward from TV to audio and most especially now, I want to get into Nollywood. So in 2013 you will see JJC in Nollywood,’’ were his conclusive words.

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