I Don’t Go For Married Men – Nollywood Actress

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Beautiful Grace Amah was once a regular feature in Nigerian home videos until she took a break from the screens to become a mother. But right now the diminutive actress is ready to make a come back as she declared, “I’ve fully bounced back for good”.



The actress talks about her relationship with the father of her child and how she manages her s*xual  feelings.

Hear Grace speak about her comeback, “I’m not struggling with anybody. I am Grace Amah; what I can do, I can do, what they can do, they can do as well. My coming back into the industry by God’s grace will not be a problem, and I’m not going to find it difficult, because I know I’m going to come back. In fact, I have fully bounced back for good. And with time, everyone would surely know that Grace is back.”

On her life as a single mother and how distance has affected her relationship, she says, “I have not seen the father of my child in a while. I live here (Nigeria) and he lives abroad (UK), though we talk on the phone often. I come from a very strict family so my parents were a little disappointed when I got pregnant because they were hoping I would get married first but you would have to agree with me that it’s not everybody that has to get married before having a child.

“It happened, and I wouldn’t because I have to get married first abort my child. Being a single mother is not easy but I manage. How do I deal with my s*xual feelings since he’s not here? That’s when the phone comes in. When I hear him, it’s all fine. It may not work for other people that way, but it works for me. And there’s no truth in the reports that my man is a married man. I don’t go for married men  and to the best of my knowledge he’s not married” she disclosed with an air of finality.


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