How fake job agencies recruit robbers for clients in Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria


Some persons in Nigeria are capitalizing on the depressing unemployment situation in the country to recruit suspected robbers for desperate clients.

The fact is that with our population pecked at about 150 million people, some 25% of this figure is jobless, even as our youths, the most active on the scale account for 40% of those looking for job in the country.

This pathetic situation has either brought out the best, or the worst in some of us, Nigerians. For those who see the so-called economic and other challenges as stepping stones, the sky is their limits.

But, there are criminally minded persons, who are exploiting the pathetic unemployment and other situations in the country to commit all sorts of criminal activities.

On Tuesday in Lagos, south-west Nigeria, police image maker, Ngozi Braide summoned journalists from the print, electronic and online for a parade at the Lagos state police command headquarters in Ikeja.

One Freedom James, a domestic servant was paraded for allegedly stealing gold valued at about N20million from her madam.

The build-up to this messy stage began way back on October 3, 2012 when one Mrs. Monday David, real names withheld by the police, walked up to Area F police command and made a report.

She told the police that on September 29, last year, she contacted one John and Joseph Obong to assist her in getting a domestic servant. The duo brought one Miss Rejoice, who worked for two days and disappeared.

However, when the madam, who is resident in Ikoyi, Lagos complained, the Obongs brought another domestic servant name Miss Comfort. It is Freedom Maddy, who disguised as Miss Comfort that is actually the principal suspect in this criminal deal.

Three days after working with the madam, she was said to have ransacked the entire house when the woman was away at work, allegedly stole some gold worth N20million and vanished into thin air.

Trust Aisha Haruna, a superintendent of police and divisional police officer of Ikoyi police station. She trailed the said Comfort throughout last year and eventually tracked her down.

On interrogations, the suspect confessed that she handed over the gold to her husband, one Maddy James, an indigene of Cross Rivers state, who in turn sold the item to one Hassan Bawa, a mallam and local bureau-de-change operator for N1.3million.

But, Bawa punctured the monetary angle, insisting that he paid N1.5milion to James for the gold. While the suspects were still talking tongues in check, police spokes person disclosed that the case was transferred from Ikoyi police station to the Lagos state anti-robbery squad unit, headed by Abba Kyari, a superintendent of police for more discreet investigations.

Independent investigations by however revealed that this fake job agency, coordinated by John and Joseph Obong, operate with fake names, address, fake guarantors and fake phone numbers

A police source disclosed on Monday that from statements made by the suspects involved in sourcing for domestic servants and drivers for people, it is likely that there are still more persons across states of the federation and Abuja running fake job agencies.

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