For Obiogbolu, Squash Is the Way to Go

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A former governorship aspirant in Anambra State, Dr. Alexander Obiogbolu, relaxes in a sporting way. For him, playing squash is all that is needed, writes Anayo Okolie

The Anambra State politics is peculiar. It is such that requires of the players, the need to unwind to avoid unexpected breakdown. This, however, has been the guiding principle for Dr. Alexander Obiogbolu, a former governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the defunct African Political System in Anambra State.

Obiogbolu cut his political teeth in 1992 with the then Social Democratic Party (SDP) where he was chairman, Anambra State Rural Development Authority. Thus, he knows Anambra and its politics. “Anambra politics is where you expect to see different kinds of manipulation in an election, be it primary or the main election,” he confessed.

For instance, he believes he won the PDP primary election in 2006 but robbed and the ticket given to Senator Andy Uba. “For those that know little about Anambra State, it is a state where you don’t rejoice after winning a primary election because you can wake up the next morning and see a different headline in the newspapers.”

This, of course, accounts for some of the pressures that accrue from playing politics in the state. And to get round such tension, most politicians engage in activities that ensure a balance. For him, therefore, Obiogbolu plays squash and at the same time, bond with his children. That, he said is the best thing he cherishes.

“Whenever I am not playing politics I give my time to my children. When I was young, I used to play squash. But my New Year resolution was that I am going to start playing squash again and I have played two games. But what I do most when I am not politicking is play with my children because I like kids a lot.

“Sometimes they ride on my back as a horse or jump around or sing one song or the other. I come down to their level and kids like it when you come down to their level. That is the way I relax. Otherwise, may be late in the evening on special occasion, I go out with my wife and sometimes, with my kids.

“I am not the type that hangs around because I don’t drink much. So, once we are involved in politics or social events, we go out for funerals or wedding, I come back and give the spare time to my kids. Most of the time, you get me at home early, except there is a political function. I used to be a football fanatic but rarely these days because my team (Arsenal) seems to be losing always.

“I was motivated to join the club in 1999 when Kanu Nwankwo moved from Ajax to Arsenal and that was when the English Premier League started booming and when he left, the love for Wenger came based on his ability to raise young players. That is what I still like about the club,” he said.

Obiogbolu is one of those who believe that the game is not all about winning trophies but playing good football. But these days, “I find it difficult watching Arsenal matches because one is not sure they will win. So, I prefer to hear the news.

“I am married to a beautiful wife who is a sociologist with three wonderful children. I love sports and in particular I love football, squash as well as scrabble and chess. Believe it or not, I also used to be a good goalkeeper with some sharp reflexes. That was a long time ago, but those quick reflexes have come handy. I also have this addiction to read newspapers even if it is two weeks old, I must make out time to read it.”

Explaining why he is still interested in Anambra governorship, he said: “It is not strange that I remain dissatisfied with the quality and content of leadership and politics in Nigeria and remain persistent in the pursuit of the best standards in public governance.”

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