For me, pageantry is not a hobby —Sophia, Miss Calabar 2013

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Sophia Dijeh, the sixth Miss Calabar Carnival, who also doubles as Miss UNICAL, in this interview with ADUNOLA OLADAPO, explains how she won the coveted crown, her new status and how she hopes to positively touch the youth in Cross Rivers State during her tenure.

How did you feel winning the coveted crown?
I felt really happy; queasy at some point and, at another point, I felt I was experiencing phantasm. In all, I was so excited when I was announced the winner.

What motivated you to go for the contest?
It was an acquaintance who bought the form for me and a friend of mine convinced me to attend the audition. That was indeed my lucky day, as it was my first step to success. I got motivated when I read about the state’s first lady’s initiative. I got motivated by what the previous queens had done for the children and the teenagers too.

How supportive were your parents when you entered for this contest?
My parents have been the most supportive pair. They brought me up well and have been there to give me the needed financial, moral, physical and psychological support. I owe it all to them, they are great parents that I’d love to have over and over again.

What are those things you will miss, now that you have assumed a bigger office?
Particularly, I will miss hanging out with my friends and also miss working in the theatre with my course mates. I will miss my family, as I will not be able to spend quality time with them.

What do you think are the challenges that lie ahead of you in your new office?
The greatest challenge I will have will be combining activities as a student and my duties as a queen. Other challenges will be trying to convince the youth about abstinence from sex and social vices.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
My name is Sophia Dijeh, I’m 20 years old and the current winner of Carnival Queen Calabar. I had my nursery and primary school in Calabar, I attended the University of Calabar Secondary School where I did my JSS1, and later proceeded to Federal Government Girls’ College, Calabar where I completed my secondary education. Presently, I am studying Theatre and Media Studies at University of Calabar (UNICAL) where I also wear the crown of Miss UNICAL. My hobbies are writing and reading poems, cooking and baking. As the first child of a family of four, growing up was a bit challenging, because I had to live up to expectation and set good examples for my younger ones. I was a quiet and shy girl who had interest in being an actress, or in the media; I also dreamt of being a little princess. My dad always made me feel like one though. I grew up with my parents in Calabar where we are now based.

Was that part of the reason you chose to study Theatre and Media at the university?
Yes of course. I love the arts and the media.

So, how do you hope to deliver on the goals of being the queen and an ambassador for Cross River State?
I hope to infuse my ideas with that of the initiators and also influence the young ones by using drama and theatrical activities to inform, educate and at the same time entertain them, during my school tours. It’s going to be a very busy tenure for me, as I really intend to impact on the youth positively. I have great plans for the youth of Cross River State.

What were the prizes that came with winning the crown?
The prizes include a chevrolet sparks car, N2 million, VLISCO supplies for one year and I get to be an ambassador for Mothers Against Child Abandonment (MACA) and the face of tourism in Cross River State.

With your new status, do you see yourself becoming snobbish or proud to your friends or counterparts?
Why would that happen? Of course, not. I am a humble person, from time, considering my good upbringing and manners. My new status will not change me in that sense, except to improve my personality with the intent of touching lives positively.

How do you wish to impact your school environment, as Calabar Carnival Queen?
I will upgrade the level of the school tours to the university where I am sure I will get the opportunity to talk to the age bracket most affected by HIV which is an aspect that has to be given even more attention.

Do you see yourself aspiring for bigger contest in the future, like the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria?
If God allows it, why not? I believe I have other plans for my life, and going for another contest is not particularly in that plan. Pageantry is not a hobby and should not be treated as one.

Will your education suffer on account of your present status?
No, my education will not suffer a bit. I cherish my education, so I will not relent in achieving my educational goals. Luckily for me, I happen to be schooling in the state where I am queen, so nothing is suffering for anything.

What are your beauty tips that set you apart from other ladies?
I love highlighting my eyes and leaving my lips neutral, because I believe God blessed me with really cute eyes and a pretty face, so there is really no need covering it up with much make up. I hardly wear make-ups.

How fashionable are you?
Well, I dress moderately to suit the occasion. I am not usually extravagantly dressed, I love good taste and good quality. I avoid dressing scandalously too. I love to look good and cute.

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