Ethiopia Scare Nigeria

| January 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

The performance of Ethiopia against defending champions, Zambia, was talk of the day even after the Nigeria-Burkina Faso match Monday.

They were reduced to ten men in the first half following a red card to their keeper but that did not stop their possession football. Their marking was good, their runs classy and their use of space surpassed what book makers had assumed.

They were not superb in front of goal otherwise they would have humiliated Zambia. What impressed fans was not just their equaliser but their entire play which is now a source of concern for Nigerians.

“There’s problem and big work for us to do. Ethiopia could be a problem.

They play well and their fans here are many,”a top member of the Nigeria Football Football Federation said shortly before Eagles took on Burkina Faso.

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