Egypt: Scores Protest Muslim Brotherhood’s Rule

| December 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Around 100 protesters demonstrated on Friday at Alexandria’s al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule and the newly-approved constitution.

The protesters gathered for the demonstration following Friday noon prayer.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahallawi, Imam of the mosque, was absent today due to a severe cold, secretary of the sheikh said.

Al-Mahallawi delegated Sheikh Abdel Rahman, a Ministry of Endowments Imam, to give the Friday prayer sermon, the secretary stated, adding that al-Mahallawi will conduct the prayer next Friday “if his health gets better”.

Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque had witness violent clashes on the past two Fridays between Islamists and their opponents after the latter claimed al-Mahallawi urged people at the mosque to vote “yes” in the constitution referendum.

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