Egypt: Rights Group Calls Govt to Media Harrasment

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The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), today, said it is deeply disturbed due to the series of the mockery reports against the journalists, media-professionals and others by the presidential institution. As they are just performing their natural right of criticizing and evaluating the policies and decisions of the president Mohamed Morsi. The presidency institution had added a new report against the journalistic-writer and Deputy-Head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate Gamal Fahmy due to statements.

The Centeral Department for Legal Affairs in the Presidency Institution had officially inquired from the Syndicate of the journalists about the personal data of Gamal Fahmy, the Deputy-Head which include his full name and the place of work. The presidency filed a report to the Cairo appellate prosecution, accusing Fahmy of spreading false news that could harm the national security on the background of statements in which he connected targeting the cameraman and the journalist “El-Hussient Abu-Daief” and his deliberate murdering during the clashes in Eltihadia and between Abu-Daief revealing, on earlier time, of the presidential pardon that included the husband of the sister of the president who was in the prison as he was convicted of bribery.

It is noteworthy, that the report filed against Fahmy, is the latest episode in the series of the department reports against number of media-professionals, journalists and public-figures that included Mahmoud Saad, Dr. Manal Omar, the psychiatrist, Ola El-Shafiy, the journalist, Khaled Salah, the editor-in-chief, of Youm7, Masry-El-Youm newspaper and the chief of the accidents news in El-Masry-El-Youm Youssry El-Badry.

ANHRI said “the presidency institution, which is the highest power in the country, targeting to opinion-makers directly is an intellectual terrorism against whoever exercise his natural right to freedom of expression, which include, beyond the reason of doubt, criticizing the policies and the decisions of the president. In addition to the president’s conducts and mental, and physical health, as he is in the power of an authority that directly and indirectly affect the lives of the millions of citizens, so discussing such affairs even if they were personal and providing information related to it, is a basic right to the public opinion. Therefore, it is a part of the work of every media-professional and journalist specifically”.

ANHRI added that “the allegations that the department filed this reports without the president knowing can’t be accepted and even of such allegations were true, the president still responsible in relation with such harassments and prosecutions, which spread the intellectual terrorism and restrictions that are deemed violation to the freedom. and rights. It contradicts with the statements and the repeated promises of the president in which he said he will protect the press freedoms and publishing. He also promised of not breaking a pen or shutting down a newspaper in his era. Therefore, ANHRI calls the president to respect his promises and stop such legal prosecutions immediately”.

ANHRI highlights again that “the new constitution doesn’t stipulate frankly on the prohibition of imprisonment in the cases related to opinion and publishing, despite it is a violation to the human rights after 25th of January revolution. It is not an obstacle to purify the articles of the Egyptian laws from imprisonment penalties in such cases, which only requires the political will to the executive and legislative authorities, therefore, we re-repeat our demands to the authorities to pay the required attention to review the related Egyptian laws as soon as possible”.

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